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Kitchen Hours: Wed/Th 3-9, Fri 3-9, Sat 1-9, Sun 1-6

Bites and Munchies

Soft Pretzel: served warm with your choice of cider cheese or stone ground mustard. $8


Cidercheese Nachos: tortilla chips topped with house made cider cheese, pico de gallo and cilantro. GF $8 (Vegan Cider Cheese +$1.5)


Chips & Salsa: tortilla chips served with house made salsa. GF/V $5

Meat & Cheese: bite sized salami and provolone served with crackers (GF +$.50). $6


Thin, crispy-style flatbreads (V) made by Dukes of Charlotte. Vegan Cheese (+ $.25 Half/$.50 Full). GF Crust available (+$3.5)

The Pizickle: white garlic sauce, mozzarella and pickle chips topped with dill, hot sauce and garlic sauce drizzles. $8.5 half/$13.5 full


The Bouj: pesto, mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes and artichokes topped with fresh basil and shaved parmesan. $9.5 half/$14.5 full


The Queen City Cowboy: hickory bbq sauce, mozzarella, chicken, bacon and red onion topped with green onions. $9.75 half/$14.75 full


The Pep Talk: pizza sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, bacon and red onion. $9.5 half/$14.5 full

The Double Double: white garlic sauce & pesto, mozzarella & parmesan, chicken and red onion. $9.75 half/$14.75 full

The Marghie: pizza sauce, mozzarella and tomato topped with fresh basil & parmesan.

$8.75 half/$13.75 full

Not Chyo’ Flatbread: cider cheese sauce, cheddar, chicken, onion and jalapeños topped with crushed tortilla chips, pico de gallo, cilantro, and sour cream. $9.75 half/$14.75 full



The Sweet Peak: our baked soft pretzel cut into bite-sized pieces and topped with crushed Reeces Pieces, Heath Toffee Bits, mini marshmallows, and chocolate and caramel syrups. $10

The Shug: our hot baked soft pretzel with cinnamon sugar and drizzled with icing. $8

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